INOX Solar is a world-class European solar brand that started from humble beginnings. Over the years, this brand flourished to become a household name in solar panels, batteries, and equipment tailored to Europe’s progressive communities.

While they aren’t as old as most solar brands, they sync with the solar energy development in homes and commercial spaces. INOX Solar strives to continue the progress they’ve started through product researches’ investment, and diversification. This vision promises full integration of solar panels in both communities and business industries for a sustainable environment.

What makes INOX Solar a standout in solar technology?

While the company mainly targets the European market, it strives to achieve world-class quality products and services. More than that, INOX builds not only sustainable energy but also sustainable opportunities. With our local concessionaires across the continent, we strive to achieve the following:

  • Flexibility and responsiveness in solar technology services
  • Quick and easy logistic support and on-time solar projects
  • Supply quality solar products with European-inclined standards
  • Stay at the most cost-competitive alternatives
  • Reduces carbon footprint for greener energy.
  • Achieve eco-sustainable lifestyles for every European community.

How does INOX Solar work its way to achieving top-notch solar services?

The values of INOX are simple. Innovation. Nature-friendly. Outstanding. Excellence.

Our new and state-of-the-art technology and capacity in roll foaming allow us to manufacture commercial and industry-sized solar frames. We do so to tailor the needs of every project that is within European standards and quality service.

INOX Solar is proud to be one of Europe’s best solar technology providers that caters to every project uniquely and in sync with the latest solar innovations.