INOX Solar is an expert in utility and off-grid solar ground mounting systems. We design and manufacture large-scale solutions for various types of clients. We have a proven track record that describes the successes of all our delivered projects.

We are a trusted large-scale solar utility provider producing massive utility solar products to the small scale 100kW scale solar farms. Our locally made products have allowed us to reach out to various European companies from various industries. Due to our partnership with local businesses, we can provide more cost effective, versatile, and high quality solar projects.

INOX Solar designs and manufactures solar ground mount systems that are client-specific and permissible to local conditions. We ensure optimised delivery of solutions that are tailor-fit to each individual client.

Faster and safer installation systems made our designs more innovative.

INOX Solar delivers the following:

  • Installation cost reduced significantly. It takes less than 300-man hours per MW, enabling full mechanical installation excluding post. It delivers 25 installed panels per three minutes of work without end or mid-clamps. It integrates innovative clamping and fixing solutions that reduce the need for nuts and bolts.
  • It improved installation ergonomics. There is no need for heavy lifting and complex system manipulations. It allows less to no need for working at height concerns on panel installations.
  • It reduces wasted packaging significantly. Our improved systems enable cleaner worksite and remove garbage that destroys the environment. All panels are perfectly aligned with more than 65% less packaging waste than usually imported racking systems.