Why is Solar Panel Frames Important?

Why is Solar Panel Frames Important?

The primary importance of solar panel frames is actually to protect the internal components from mechanical and thermal tensions. But other than just protection, the panel frame also serves as a mounting facility to make it easier to install your solar panels.

Typically, solar PV panel frames are made out of aluminum and they cover the top and bottom glass sheets. The most preferred type of aluminum used for creating frames is the anodized aluminum. They are known to be very durable and high quality. Unlike frames with coats, aluminum frames do not easily get scratched or damaged.

What to avoid when looking for framed solar panels?

  • Solar panel frames with closed cavities can stagnate water flow and cause expansion or deformation, damaging the structure or breaking it.
  • Solar panel frames with a flat tapered edge on glass/panel space. The tapered-edge space is prone to leaks and may reduce shading, resulting in decreased functionality. Tapered-edge frames can also accumulate dust, dirt, or pollen, covering the panels and reducing solar output efficiency. Lastly, tapered-edge frames are generally not very durable.

Do solar panels really matter?

In many ways, they matter. However, frameless solar modules nowadays have been innovated to be more vital enough to withstand impact. The strength factor lies in the durability and thickness of the glass itself. On the downside, most manufacturers still do not put that much importance in this part. Many still prefer to make lightweight ones that are easy to carry. However, a lightweight type may cause low quality and shelf life.

In a way, choosing solar panel frame options depend on how expansive you want your energy farm to be and how many panels to use.

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