How Outdoor Lighting Improves Home Value

How Outdoor Lighting Improves Home Value

While everyone desires to own a home, the dream is not usually fulfilled until the home’s design matches the owner’s specifications. Lighting is one of these specifications that most homeowners lookout for when outlining their preferences.

Lighting makes your home outstand from the rest because of the special ambiance it brings along.  Unknown to most homeowners, outdoor lighting adds more value to residential property. When choosing which home to buy, most buyers prefer a home with outdoor lighting because they believe it has more value.

Therefore, solar outdoor lights are a vital consideration if you plan to sell your house. Here are various ways in which outdoor lighting improves home value

Boosts Curb Appeal

I’m sure you have once enjoyed the view of a lighted-up property from a distance. The view is spectacular, especially if the neighboring houses are in darkness.

How could you feel enjoying summer nights with family and friends in an illuminated backyard?  Outdoor lighting has a way of emitting beauty in any outdoor space.

Installing lights in the house landscape, especially in walkways and lawns, is more pleasing to the eye.  Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of exterior features and makes them more attractive.

Furthermore, when done by a professional, the lighting makes the outdoor space feel larger and increases market value. This helps create a good first impression that will make the buyer more interested in the property.

Improves Safety

Lighting helps in illuminating the dark spaces around your home. People walking or using space at night will feel safer because they can easily navigate the area. Most home buyers are interested in acquiring full benefits from the properties. They need to use the space during night and day hours. Therefore assuring them of this benefit will attract a higher price for your home.

Lowers Security Concerns

Another advantage of outdoor lighting is that it helps improve the security of your property. Most intruders perform their tasks at night when it is dark. Therefore, lighting will scare them away because they fear that someone will notice them from afar off.

Additionally, CCTV cameras installed at strategic places will capture the intruders’ images when there is light. Areas like garage doors and home entrances can also be enhanced using motion sensors to sense intruders. They can also be hidden in strategic points such as the trash bin where robbers or intruders cannot suspect.

Doorway lights with sensors can create the illusion that the owner is at home, even when away. Lighting for security has various tricks that can be incorporated to protect your home.

When searching for homes to buy, buyers are usually specific about their security concerns. They want to be assured that their spaces will not be intruded upon.  A highly secure home will attract more buyers willing to pay high prices.

Utilizing the Outdoor Space

Most homes have a huge outdoor space that can be utilized for various purposes. However, the usage of this space is limited to daytime hours if no lighting is installed.

Outdoor lighting helps the homeowner enjoy and greatly benefit from the outdoor space since it can be used even in dark hours. Activities such as evening dinners and night grilling can occur at night because of installed lighting and security. This is an added value to a home, and anyone looking out to perform night activities would be impressed by such a home.

Energy Efficiency

The modern home lighting is more energy-efficient and can run throughout the night. On the other hand, traditional lights are not very energy efficient and may need to be switched off at night to save energy and reduce power bills.

Modern LED low-voltage lights can minimize the energy used and lower the electrical bills. Therefore a home user will enjoy using outdoor lighting once darkness has set in.


Lighting adds more beauty to a home and brings out the features of the landscape. Issues of security, safety, and energy conservation will have to pop up in the minds of buyers. As mentioned above, modern outdoor lighting caters to all these fears and increases the value of your home. Solar Outdoor lights can make your home stand out from other homes in the neighborhood, giving you an advantage over other sellers.

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