Month: December 2020

European Solar Panel Mounting Frames

Three factors contribute to the overall uniqueness and competitiveness of solar mounting frames. These are the material, the manufacturing methods, and quality. European solar mounting frames have unique properties and competitiveness in the solar market. Here are some points to explore about NSSC2120 in the European solar mounting frame market.

The European NSSC2120 is one of the most innovative industry-grade steels for solar mounting frames. While rumors tell that stainless steel is too light, this framing material is a heavy-duty done deal. It is actually lightweight and strong at the same time making it durable and low …

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Which is Better? Aluminum or Steel Solar Mounting?

Mounting structures are very important for any solar product. The benefits are encapsulated in its performance and service life. In general, brackets sold in the solar market can be divided into two material types: steel and aluminum.
But which is better?
Before we start comparing, it’s best to remind ourselves that PV panel structures are used outdoors. They are exposed to long-term wind and sun exposure, corrosion, and weakening of the material. The following points can help you further in understanding the difference between the two mounting structure materials.

Aluminum is …

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Do Solar Panel Frames Matter?

Before a manufacturer decides whether they should put frames on their solar panels or not, they need to take some factors into consideration. First of all, design and cost are important to take note of. Other factors include mechanical characteristics and benefits they provide. These benefits include handling, storage, grounding, fixation, and load resistance like snow or wind.
Do take note that the solar panel frame issue doesn’t lie on its one-size-fits-all concern. Two frames with the same thickness may not yield the same benefits.
What makes solar manufacturers move towards thinner frames?

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