Author: Sarah Griffin

European Solar Panel Mounting Frames

Three factors contribute to the overall property uniqueness and competitiveness of solar mounting frames. They are the material, the manufacturing methods, and quality. European solar mounting frames have unique properties and competitiveness in the solar market. Here are some points to explore about NSSC2120 in the European solar mounting frame market. The European NSSC2120 is […]

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Why is Solar Panel Frames Important?

Solar panel frames are important because they protect the internal components from mechanical and thermal tensions. It’s also vital in mounting as it provides attachment points to poles. Framed solar panels also have better protection than frameless types, especially on its logistic stage. Usually, solar PV panels have aluminum-fitted frames that hug the top and […]

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Do Solar Panel Frames Matter?

There are several factors in which a solar panel manufacturer decides whether to have frames on their panels or not. Design and cost of production are usually the most common factors. Yet, solar panel frames aren’t much about securing the panel components altogether. They also lie in the mechanical characteristics that provide benefits to solar […]

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