Why is Solar Panel Frames Important?

Why is Solar Panel Frames Important?

Solar panel frames are important because they protect the internal components from mechanical and thermal tensions. It’s also vital in mounting as it provides attachment points to poles. Framed solar panels also have better protection than frameless types, especially on its logistic stage.

Usually, solar PV panels have aluminum-fitted frames that hug the top and bottom glass sheets. Anodized aluminum is one, if not the best, solar framing material. Also, solar panel frames that have coats are expensive yet prone to scratches or damages. If you’re considering high-quality solar panel frames for your grid systems, then it’s best to go with aluminum ones.

What to avoid when looking for framed solar panels?

  • Solar panel frames with closed cavities can stagnate water flow and cause expansion or deformation, damaging the structure or breaking it.
  • Solar panel frames with a flat tapered edge on glass/panel space. This tapered-edge space can let water runoff and reduce shading that will reduce its overall functionality. It can also damage the frame, like detaching it from the glass and PV cells too. Tapered-edge frames can also accumulate dust, dirt, or pollen, covering the panels and reducing solar output efficiency.

Do solar panels really matter?

In many ways, they matter. However, frameless solar modules nowadays have been innovated to be more vital enough to withstand heavy weather or impacts. The strength factor lies in the durability and thickness of the glass itself. On the downside, it is the portion of the solar panel that most manufacturers degrade. While they weigh less for easy transport and delivery, they aren’t done durably.

In a way, choosing solar panel frame options depend on how expansive the energy farm and how many panels to use. While they do matter, it’s up to the project size that defines whether to choose framed solar panels or not.

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